An analysis of the topic of theodora and the wife of justinian

Educate your students about justinian and theodora with this lesson plan cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources, connecting insights gained from . Of justinian’s contemporary the historian procopius the latter wrote a laudatory account of the emperor’s military achievements in his polemon ( wars ) and coupled it in his anecdota ( secret history ) with a venomous threefold attack upon the emperor’s personal life, the character of the empress theodora, and the conduct of the. Theodora of the byzantine empire, wife to emperor justinian, is credited with almost co-running the empire her biggest contributions during justinian's reign as emperor are as follows: persuading . Justinian and theodora has 51 ratings and 8 reviews cris said: this is a military historian's book that focuses very much on justinian's dream for reuni.

When justin died and justinian became emperor in 527, theodora-from-the-brothel was empress of rome the classic rags to riches story is made richer still by theodora's achievements in power as . Byzantine empire & islam test theodora the wife of justinian, she helped to improve the status of women in the byzantinian empire and encouraged her husband to . Justinian i questions including what was the significance of aviation in world war 1 and did religion play a role in the decline of byzantine what effect did theodora wife of emperor .

Theodora palaiologina (byzantine empress) topic theodora doukaina komnene palaiologina ( greek : θεοδώρα δούκαινα κομνηνή παλαιολογίνα c 1240 – 4 march 1303), usually known simply as theodora palaiologina , was the empress consort of the byzantine emperor michael viii palaiologos . Justinian, whose wife, theodora, was a strong champion of the monophysites, did not wish to lose the eastern provinces, but he knew, on the other hand, that any concessions to them would almost certainly alienate rome and the west. Anch305: byzantine history ad 330-1056 to what degree does procopius’ secret history give a realistic account of justinian and theodora and their reign procopius’ anecdota, better known as his ‘secret history’ is the most widely known source we have available for the reign of the emperor . Interpretations that justinian never forgot that it was theodora who had saved his throne depend on seeing procopius' account as a straightforward report, and not framed to impugn justinian with the implication that he was more cowardly than his wife. Learn about the byzantine ruler theodora, married to the emperor justinian she was a powerful woman whose story is told primarily by procopius justin's wife may .

Read the full-text online edition of the empress theodora: partner of justinian (2004) only his wife but also his partner in government hand or direct . The rule of emperor justinian essay sample tribonian and his wife, theodora as his key advisers it is a word that requires a descriptive analysis for each . First things first, justinian named his wife theodora as co-regent, meaning she had equal power and authority with her husband and could use it and boy did theodora use it my girl theodora was not about to forget her past in the red light districts of the capital (and elsewhere).

An analysis of the topic of theodora and the wife of justinian

He listened to his brave wife, and justinian and theodora stayed and killed everyone involved in the rebellion empress theodora was one of the first rulers who worked for women's rights she passed laws to prohibit traffic in young women, and she made divorce laws that greatly benefitted women. On 17th january 532 the byzantine emperor justinian was saved from being overthrown by a rioting mob, his saviour being his strong-willed wife theodora she had started her adult life as a prostitute and actress, and. An analysis of the topic of theodora and the wife of justinian (773 words, 3 pages) theodora was the wife of justinian i who was crowned emperor of the byzantine empire in 527 ad as his wife, she ruled by his side, as his partner, and her intelligence helped to the exact place of her birth has not been agreed upon.

When justinian was crowned in 527, he named as co-regent his young wife theodora she was 15 years his junior and his opposite in nearly every way she was social, witty, supremely self-confident . Procopius has very negative things to say about empress theodora he felt disdain towards her and her husband, justinian even though he worked with them, he had so much hatred and could not publish the secret history in justinian’s life-time.

Theodora empress and wife of justinian i, the courage and statesmanship of theodora (ca 500-548) complemented the genius of her husband and significantly contributed to the glories of his reign little is known about the early life of theodora , who rose to become one of the most famous women in western civilization. The empress theodora and justinian lines case analysis she played in the development of the byzantine empire theodora i, the wife of justinian i, is generally . Empress theodora was not your everyday woman who lived in the byzantine empire in fact, she was the most powerful empress of the byzantine empire she had everything it took to lead, but instead ruled as regent next to her husband, justinian theodora had beauty, intelligence, charm, and was very . Theodora (greek: θεοδώρα c 500 – 28 june 548) was empress of the byzantine empire and the wife of emperor justinian i she was one of the most influential and powerful of the byzantine empresses some sources mention her as empress regnant with justinian i as her co-regent along with her .

an analysis of the topic of theodora and the wife of justinian These three ladies immediately behind theodora (on her left, our right) are the most eminent, one of them (middle) possibly antonina, the wife of belisarius (perhaps shown by the insignia on her dress hem that matches his general's shoulder epaulette []) and also a close friend of theodora.
An analysis of the topic of theodora and the wife of justinian
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